Are you frustrated by your back pain?  Is your back pain stopping you from working out, walking in the park with friends or family?  Stopping you from doing the things you used to look forward too?  Not sure what’s causing your back pain?

I started my clinic to help people with just this sort of problem.  The majority of people I help come in with complaints of back pain.  But they have usually been suffering for longer than just a day or two.  Most of the people who come in to see me have been in pain for weeks, months, and even years!

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I’m guessing you’re not too surprised to hear that.  Back pain alone usually won’t get people in the door, but when it starts to negatively influence your life, or starts to get worse, is when people start to get concerned.

The next problem they face is what to do about it.  There are so many options out there, maybe you’ve tried some already and haven’t had any success?  This is what I hear from my patients on a daily basis…”I’ve already tried chiropractic, acupuncture, and pain medicine and nothing seems to be helping.”  Maybe you’ve tried physical therapy and that didn’t help either.

I’m here to tell you that you’ve got options.  The problem many people like yourself run into is that when you go to see someone for help with your back pain, that practitioner will do pretty much the same thing for every patient that walks in the door, without listening to you and looking at your specific problem.

That is where I’ve found success for my patients.  I am able to pull from multiple schools of thought to get you the results you want…and avoid injections, pain pills and surgery!

Here’s what a former patient had to say:  “My experience with Jeremy was great.  I will be happy to send anyone to him.  Jeremy was helpful in all aspects alleviating my fears of my back issues.  I am back to my old self.  (NO Surgery)” –J.J.

Many of my patients have seen other practitioners without getting the results they want.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people and help them where they thought there was no help to be had.

I know getting started can be a daunting idea, that’s why I’m offering a free discovery visit, so that we can give you an idea about what is going on with your back and start the process of healing.  The discovery visit is absolutely free, only takes 30 minutes of your time, and best of all allows you to make better decisions about your health.

Here’s what I want you to do next.  Give me a call, because it is in your best interest to come for this free discovery visit.  It will allow us to have a conversation, we can discover what is going wrong with your back, you can discover more about physical therapy and you get a chance to make a better, more educated, more informed discision about your health.

Call 720-357-4079 today or send me an email to schedule your free discovery visit!

Take Care,