In this video I answer the question “Can Physical Therapy help a pinched nerve?”  We get this question on a regular basis.  And the short answer is yes, it can.  It can help a lot of people a lot of the time.

How Does Physical Therapy Help?

There is a sheath that surrounds your nerves and the nerve should be able to glide back and forth within this sheath.   When the nerve doesn’t glide back and forth it can get bound up and cause pain.  We want to take the pressure off the nerve and get it to resume normal gliding and reduce the inflammation on the nerve.

How do we do this?  A combination of corrective exercises and hands on techniques to restore the glide to the nerve, and give the nerve back what it wants…

1. Space

2. Motion

3. Bloodflow

We can accomplish these things with our techniques and treating the cause of the problem instead of just treating symptoms.  We work on strength, endurance, and motor control to get your body in a better position and help to alleviate symptoms.

This is a quick and dirty answer to the question of how physical therapy can help with a pinched nerve but if you would like more details feel free to give us a call at 305-433-1172.