Back pain is more common than people think… and so are the back pain myths.  Misconceptions about back pain can lead to more back pain problems.  That’s why it is so important to learn the facts about back pain and debunk back pain myths.

Myth: Back Pain and Back Problems Won’t Happen to Me

Fact: Approximately 8 out of 10 people will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime.

  • Back pain is the leading cause of disability in men over 45 years old
  • It is one of the most common reason for a visit to a primary care physician

Myth:  The Best Thing for Back Pain is Bed Rest

Fact:  Too much bed rest will stiffen joins, weaken bones and muscles, and can actually make the pain feel worse.

It is counterintuitive, but moving your body will help ease back pain.  Walking for example will get you into a neutral, upright position.  Gentle but effective corrective exercises prescribed by our Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists will also relieve back pain.

Myth: Surgery is the Only Way to Cure Back Pain

Fact:  Studies show that less than 5% of people with back pain require back surgery.

While there are a few back conditions that may require surgery, most back pain can be treated without surgery.  A conservative and more natural approach to healing is physical therapy.  Reach out to us to discuss how physical therapy can help ease your back pain and return you to a pain free lifestyle without resorting to surgery.

Myth: MRI Scans Always Show the Source of Pain

Fact: MRI scans can demonstrate tears, herniated disks and nerve compression but do not show weak muscles or many other disorders that contribute to back pain.

An MRI will show the normal, age-related wear and tear.  But sometimes, this may be misleading as to the source of back pain.  This is why a thorough evaluation by a physical therapy specialist is the most important source of information.

Myth: Exercise Will Hurt Your Back

Fact: Without proper training and form, it is possible to hurt your back or other parts of your body.  But a strong back can stabilize and protect your spine.

A physical therapy specialist can provide the right exercises to help strengthen the muscles that are supporting your back.  With the right physical therapy treatment your back pain can be a thing of the past and you can continue exercising.

Fact:  There are many back pain myths.

To better understand your back pain and learn what can be done about it, the best solution is to speak to a physical therapy specialists or health professional.  We can help answer all of your questions and you can also learn how physical therapy can help get your back in tip top shape.