High Co-pays? High Deductible Plan? Health Savings Account?

No problem.

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No insurance is needed at Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists.  Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists provides physical therapy on a fee-for-service basis.

By remaining separate from the insurance process, we don’t have to limit your treatment time or compromise the quality of your treatment. We provide you with the best, most effective, and most efficient physical therapy possible. Non-medical insurance personnel never dictate your treatment at Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists.

Most of our patients have insurance but still choose to come to Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists because of the superior outcome.  All of the visits are one hour and will be spent one on one with a physical therapist.  You will not be handed off to an assistant or aide.  The majority of time spent with the physical therapist will be spent on manual therapy, which has been shown to produce a superior result when compared to exercise alone.  Your time is valuable so we do not have you performing exercises in the clinic that could be done at home.

You do not have to wait for weeks to be seen.  Call today to schedule your Complimentary Phone Consultation at (305) 433-1172.  We will be able to start your treatment on the same day as your initial visit to help eliminate your pain as quickly as possible.

Why Should I go to Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists and pay out of pocket when I can go to another physical therapy clinic and use my insurance?

At many insurance based clinics you will be double or triple booked and handed off to an assistant or aide which leads to failed courses of treatment and longer treatment times.  At Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists you will see the same physical therapist for at least one hour.  Most of the time spent will be on Manual Therapy.  We will not have you doing exercises in the clinic that could be done at home.  At Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists you do not have to wait weeks to begin your treatment.  With this approach we feel confident that we can help you to feel better in less that half the number of visits that a traditional insurance based clinic would want.  Most patients feel the out of pocket expense is more than worth it because of the time saved due to fewer clinic visits and the value of feeling better sooner.

Please call us at (305) 433-1172 if you have any questions regarding what is the best option for you.  You are the top priority at Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists and we will do what is best for you.  We want to get you functional and pain free as soon as possible.