Ladies, ever wonder why you suffer from random episodes of back pain? Take a look at your shoes! Back problems are incredibly common in women who wear high heels as they can cause injuries in the back, knees and hips. Wearing high heels daily, or even regularly, over the years, can play a significant role in a number of health-related issues such as lower back pain, ingrown toenails, damaged leg tendons, sciatica or pinched nerves, muscle spasms, and osteoarthritis in the knees.

We understand for some of you, giving up your high heels is just not an option so we have a few simple suggestions that will definitely help:

  • Wear them for as little time as possible.
  • Try to opt for heels around 2” high
  • Steer clear of pointy toes high heels.
  • Vary your footwear so you’re not wearing the same style of high heels every day.
  • Gradual or lower slopes are a little better, go for platforms or wedges instead of stilettos.
  • Thicker heels are better than spiky heels.
  • Flex and stretch your feet after taking them off.
  • Buy shoes with leather insoles so your foot doesn’t slide.
  • Buy arch inserts or use orthotics to support your arches.

You don’t have to completely eliminate high heels from your wardrobe but if you already suffer from knee, hip or back pain, shop wisely, and take these tips into consideration. Your future self will thank you!