Who Knows About TMJ Pain?  Jaw Pain?

I spent the last weekend in Chapel Hill, NC.  It was something I had been talking about and looking forward to for a long time. I went out there for a continuing education class.  Not just any continuing education class, but a class that talked about how physical therapists and dentists can work together to help their patients with TMJ pain.

Getting Our Learning On!

This is the class that got me into the Postural Restoration Institute in the first place.  The take away is that a knowledgeable dentist can be extremely helpful with complex physical therapy patients and vice versa.  The class stressed the importance of finding a great dentist you know and trust to work with.  It is not necessary to have dental integration in every case, but in many cases it is the missing link to getting someone better.  Most physical therapists don’t have the knowledge of how helpful a great dentist can be, and if they do most don’t know a great dentist they can work with.

       It was good to see that the word is getting out about just how complimentary these two professions can be for the benefit of the general public.  There are many people suffering from TMJ pain or jaw pain that are looking for answers and don’t know where to turn.  The more practitioners learn about this problem, the better.