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Google review by Liz N for Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists

Jeremy helped my daughter rehab her knee after a basketball injury. He is a thorough professional who takes the time to address muscular imbalances before assigning exercises to strengthen the problem areas. He was very willing to work with our crazy schedule and is very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. Jeremy also took the time to explain the ‘why’ of what he was doing which helped my daughter to be more committed to performing prescribed exercises at home. I highly recommend Jeremy if you are looking for a physical therapist who can really help you!

Google review by Ann Clark for Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists

Jeremy helped me through a very painful time. My knee was hurting and I didn’t know why. His evaluation was thorough, and his explanations were easy to follow and understand. The work he did with me and the exercises he taught me were very effective. I was surprised to learn that his treatment was not painful, and yet I got better!! I’d recommend Jeremy to anyone who needs physical therapy, he’s the best!

Google Review by Reinaldo for Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists

When I went to see Jeremy about my knee injury, I could not run for more than 10 minutes. I was sure that surgery was going to be needed. But thanks to him, I am running again. He is a professional who cares greatly about his patients and works around your schedule. Thank you Jeremy.

Google Review by Lindsay C for Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists

Jeremy is the best! He completely cured my plantar fasciitis and knee pain! I run a lot and frequently participate in road races including marathons. He really understood the mentality and physics of a runner. I will continue to see him for any ache or pain. I know he’ll solve it!