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Google review by Sandy Pratt for Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists

Jeremy Wehking is an absolutely outstanding Physical Therapist. I have had neck and jaw problems and chronic pain for about 20 years. I’ve been to dozens of health care providers including 5 other Physical Therapists. I feel so extremely fortunate and grateful that a pain specialist sent me to Jeremy. After all these years he is the first one to successfully treat me. My pain has been cut in half and it’s only been a short time. I can move much better and more easily and have so much less pain, I can enjoy my life again! Jeremy has listened carefully and created a path for healing specific to my problems. The exercises he has given me me to do are very subtle and easy to do, the results have been nothing less than remarkable, and my prognosis is good. Jeremy is always positive, upbeat and happy and that along with his gentle and kind manner make it a great experience. Thank you Jeremy!

Google review by Neil Patel for Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists

Seeing Jeremy was the best decision I made in order to get back to working out and returning to playing sports. Being a PT student who was having shoulder issues from playing sports. I tried doing things myself to try and fixed the issue that I knew physical therapy would fix. I had multiple therapists and students look at it yet my shoulder would not get better. For those that are hesitant about physical therapy, understand that the therapist you see is VERY important. You get to see Jeremy for one on one for an hour where he gives his full attention to your issue and that is amazing. He helped me put my mind at ease by showing immediate results. I have seen many therapist in the past; I will say that Jeremy is one of the most professional and intelligent therapists I’ve had the pleasure to meet. You get his most honest take and that is something that I respect. Take home: if you’re having problems with your body, come see Dr. Jeremy Wehking, you will not regret it.

Google Review by Denise Drew for Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists

I can not say enough about what an amazing physical therapist Jeremy is!. When I first started to be treated by Jeremy I was having severe pain in my neck and shoulders, chronic migraines, and numbness from my shoulder to my fingers. After just a visit a week for several weeks and doing the exercises that Jeremy recommended at home, my migraines and numbness had disappeared. Jeremy addressed all of my symptoms and cleared up my problems. I was able to be at work with normal function and without pain!

It is obvious that Jeremy has gone through extensive education and training. He has a very open approach while developing a good plan for recovery.