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Tips for Walking with Sensitive Knees

Sensitive knees may make it difficult for walking.  But in physical therapy we have a saying, “motion is lotion” and this applies to our knees.  Motion is recommended to maintain mobility, in order to maintain knee functionality.  To do this, walking  can actually help reduce knee pain, even if you have sensitive knees.

There are a lot of benefits to walking.  Walking can reduce stiffness and inflammation and it won’t make chronic knee pain or conditions worse.  And walking often helps to reduce arthritis symptoms, and improve quality of life!

Walking is Good For Your Knees

Have you noticed that your joints are stiff or sore in the morning or when you’ve been sitting for a long time?  By moving around you actually maintain and improve the function of your knees.  This is because your knee is composed of bone and cartilage.  Since cartilage doesn’t have a good blood supply it relies solely on joint fluid.  So moving your joints ensures that your cartilage is getting nourished by the joint fluid.

Walking is also good to maintain bone health and is recommended by the CDC.

Should You Walk With Nagging Knee Pain?

In many cases, if you have mild to moderate pain in your knees, due to osteoarthritis, walking and other low impact exercises will help to mobilize the knee, keep that joint juice flowing, which goes back to our “motion is lotion” saying.  After walking, you might find a decrease in pain and stiffness.  As always, I recommend that if you have nagging knee pain or you have sensitive knees, you should seek professional advice from a physical therapist.

Tips for Walking With “Bad” Knees

Here are simple, but effective ways to start walking while protecting your knee and reducing that nagging pain.  Following these tips will help you continue a walking program or start a walking routine despite having sensitive knees.


Walking is the easiest, most accessible, and least expensive way to increase physical activity, while also maintaining healthy knee joints.  Using these quick tips will help you get started.

If your sensitive knees are keeping you from walking or you notice an increase in pain, feel free to reach out to me.  You can call me at (305) 433-1172 or email me at jeremy@advancedpts.  I’m available to answer any of your questions.

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