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Looking for relief with your Sciatica Piriformis pain?

Sciatica Piriformis Pain

Many things can cause pain in the buttocks area, or piriformis region.  Here’s a video about back pain and specifically piriformis syndrome.  The piriformis is a muscle that runs deep to your glutes or buttocks muscles and attaches to your sacrum and your femur.  It can rotate your hip and it will get blamed for a lot of things.  Your piriformis muscle is just an innocent bystander in most cases though.  Your piriformis didn’t just decide to start hurting, it is usually a result of one or a combination of three things.  The first is that you may have a pelvic obliquity, where your pelvis is shifted.  The second reason your piriformis may be hurting is because your pain is being referred from your lumbar spine, and the third reason is that your glute muscles may be weak or not firing at the right time and causing your piriformis muscle to become overworked.

What Can I do About It?

I would recommend seeing a skilled physical therapist or physician if you suffer from this issue.  When you come into the clinic complaining of hip or buttock pain I make sure that I am addressing these potential issues.  Another problem we see when the piriformis muscle gets involved is that the sciatic nerve can become irritated.  This is because the sciatic nerve goes through or in some cases around the piriformis muscle.  This can sometimes cause pain down the leg in addition to buttocks pain.  If you have any questions please feel free to check out our website at or give me a call at 305-433-1172 for a free phone consultation.  This is not something you need to put up with.  Often times this can be addressed with physical therapy so that we can get you feeling better and back to doing the things you want to do!

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