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Our goal at Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists is to help you achieve optimal wellness as quickly as possible so you can return to the life you knew before your injury. We believe in treating you, not just your diagnosis, and using both the art and science of physical therapy to get you better quickly.

There are multiple approaches and schools of thought when it comes to physical therapy. Jeremy has studied them all and will integrate them, as appropriate, into your treatment.

Rest assured, when you put your physical therapy needs in Jeremy’s hands, you will receive a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Treatment Time

Each appointment at Advanced Physical Therapy Specialists is one hour and your time in our treatment room is just that—your time. We don’t schedule multiple patients per hour. You’ll be our only priority while you’re here. This allows us to focus completely on your needs and to treat you most efficiently and effectively.

First Appointment

During your first appointment, Jeremy will conduct a complete evaluation to determine all the factors involved in causing your pain. While your diagnosis plays an important role in your treatment plan, for Jeremy, it’s just a starting point. Since the injured portion of your body is connected to the rest of your body, Jeremy will look beyond your diagnosis to pinpoint other contributing factors that can influence how he treats you.

After your evaluation, the majority of your appointment time will be spent on hands-on treatment with a small portion of time focused on at-home exercises to speed your recovery.

At-Home Exercises

During your first appointment, Jeremy will develop and instruct you in specific at-home exercises targeted to your particular problem(s). These exercises will be short yet effective. Jeremy doesn’t believe in multiple-rep exercises that need to be done 2-3 times per day. He believes you can achieve better results with short, targeted exercises and he will strive to make them as convenient as possible to fit your routine. In subsequent appointments, Jeremy will spend a short period of time advancing your at-home exercise program as appropriate.

Integrated Treatment

Occasionally, Jeremy may feel that you would benefit from integrated treatment with another specialist (i.e., dentist, acupuncturist) to augment and accelerate your recovery. In these cases, Jeremy will coordinate with the other professional(s) to target your specific needs and get you healthy faster.

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