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Jeremy Wehking PT, FAAOMPT, OCS, PRC
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Why Should Personal Trainers/Strength & Conditioning Coaches Refer to Us?

Do you have a client who has pain? Maybe pain with specific movements or workouts? Maybe a client who does fine during a workout but then hurts later that day or the next? Someone you’re a little afraid of flaring up when they come in for a workout? These clients can be great candidates for physical therapy. The majority of people can continue working with you, in fact I prefer them to continue working with you in most cases. I’m there to get them up and running again so that they can continue to train with you and do it without pain or dysfunction. I want to get them feeling better as quickly as possible so that they don’t need to see me any more than necessary. I’m here to help you both achieve your goals. I have had the chance to meet and work with some amazing Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches and have a great respect for them.

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